Tell me how you will measure me, and then I will tell you how I will behave. If you measure
me in an illogical way, don’t complain about illogical behavior.

Eli Goldratt – “The Goal”


PARTENARIA 5D is a regional consulting firm, localized in Transylvania – Romania, specialized in organizational development, leadership and performance. In order to obtain optimal added value, we recommend to our clients an integrated program that includes coaching, training and support services in the implementation of performance management systems. The approach of PARTENARIA 5D uniquely intertwines the fair and deep understanding of the specific realities of local business management, with the best practices adopted in international management.

PARTENARIA 5D functions as an integral part of an international network of consultants, trainers and management professionals, thus having the capacity to offer both one-off consulting services and integrated organizational and managerial development programs for companies in any field of activity, regardless of size and complexity.

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